We provide opportunities for members to compete both against each other, and other local swimming clubs. Here is an outline of current events:


Usually June/July. This event is designed so that more than one person may win an award. If there is a swimmer who is strong in all strokes they cannot take all the trophies but will take the overall trophy within their age group.

For example:

John competed in the fastest time for all his strokes in every event, he wins the overall trophy. Graham was next fastest in the first event, so he wins that trophy. Graham was also next fastest in event 3 but as he has already won a trophy in event 2, Paul, who came third, will win the trophy for event 3 … and so on …

Every competitor at the end of the event has their times added together and if they competed last year, these times are compared to last year’s times and a percentage of improvement is calculated. The biggest percentage in improvement wins the Flatt & Mead Trophy.

The swimmers do not swim against their own age group (only in the Mini Medley). A draw is made and it is quite likely a 10 year old will be swimming against a 16 year old.

Distance events

These are held twice a year – Spring and Autumn. This event provides an opportunity to swim 400 meters in the Spring and again in the Autumn. Those improving on their times set in the Spring will receive an award.

Main rules for distance evening:

  • MUST swim in both distance evenings to qualify for the trophy

  • The competition is performed under ASA rules (one start rule)

Club Championships

(These usually take place during October/November)

This internal competition is held for Club members to compete against each other on Tuesday and Thursday evenings as notified on the Calendar. These events are held at York House. Medals are presented on the night and later at our Xmas Fun Gala with a trophy, which is held by the winner for 1 year. It is expected that care be taken of the trophy as it is passed to the recipient the following year.

Main rules for Club Championship

  • The competition is performed under ASA rules and includes the one start rule (disqualification if a swimmer moves on the block prior to start)

  • Fees MUST be paid before the competition otherwise the swimmer will only be able to compete on a time-trial basis only.

Eastern Region Major League, Peanuts League & Chiltern League Galas

We try to arrange most events on a Club night but these County Championships always take place on a Saturday evening normally 5.30-9pm approximately. These events give us the opportunity to advertise our Club to the County as well as allowing our members to swim competitively against other swimming Clubs in our league.

In the past we have struggled to complete a team in certain age groups but more recently have fielded good strong teams and the results have reflected in this. All we are asking in reality is a MAXIMUM of six Saturday evenings over the year for some age groups and in other age groups, 3 at most.

Inter-house Galas

These are good fun and allow every age group the opportunity to swim. This is held at our home pool and is usually on one of the Club nights.

Inter-house Galas have no entry fee for spectators but rely on a raffle to assist in pool hire costs. Raffle Donations are always gratefully received and can be given to any of the committee members at any time through the year.

Christmas Fun Gala

This is exactly as labelled! We have nearly 100% attendance from our members and it is definitely 100% FUN…

Please note: Swimmers under the age of 9 are unable to compete in league Galas but are allowed to compete in our internal Club events.

At all the above-mentioned events, help in organising the events is done voluntarily, as are the poolside officials. If you feel you can assist in any way, please speak to one of the poolside staff, we would be delighted to have your assistance.