Ethos & Expectations

We hope all members will first and foremost enjoy being a member of KLSC and will learn valuable life-skills. In order for this to happen, we have necessarily high expectations.

SAFETY is of prime importance to all of us here at KLSC. It is imperative that all swimmers, regardless of age, act sensibly during swimming sessions. Any Club member who is seen acting in an unsafe manner will be asked to leave the pool and get dressed immediately.

Young members are not allowed to leave the building unaccompanied. They are not allowed to play outside in the school grounds. We share the school with other organisations and do not know who else is wandering about. It is also unhealthy as most swimmers do not dry themselves completely or wrap up after training. The pool staff are responsible for the children while they are on poolside, they are not to be expected to supervise the changing areas or outside.

RESPECT AND CONSIDERATION for each other, regardless of age or ability. Teasing/bragging or any form of bullying will not be tolerated. Confidence and team building is an important part of our training session. Club members are expected to be respectful and polite to the coaching staff and their peers on all occasions. This includes when the Club travels to other venues for galas.

LIFE SKILLS are considered a key element in our teaching at KLSC. We hope that each member will develop their full potential whilst swimming with us as well as improving on their own expectations.

Most of our members use their swimming training to support other sports or cannot commit to longer training as expected by other local Clubs. If a member is identified as having a swimming potential higher than we can support either due to lack of training time available or level of competition, we will advise the member accordingly and provide as much support as possible in finding a more suitable Club to support their specific swimming requirements.

COMMITMENT to competition is expected. We only enter 2 events within the County, which allows us to demonstrate our Club skills and strengths. Any competition provides our members, committee and teacher/coaches with a good measure of progress within the Club. Apathy always breeds despondency in everyone involved.

CLUB KIT is expected to be worn when competing on behalf of the Club. Most of these items can be purchased from the Shop section and swim hats can be purchased on poolside by sending an email to klsc.kit@gmail.com

Members are expected to wear swimming hats during training sessions but costumes other than Club kit are allowed although boys are not to wear big parachute shorts. We would, however, ask that club kit is worn at all competitive events outside of our training venues.