Swimming is good for you!

You'd expect us to say that though, wouldn't you? According to 'Coach', there are 8 main health benefits to swimming: Improved cardiovascular fitness, builds muscle all over the body, injuries are rare, eases and prevents back pain, helps you to lose weight, ideal mental break, improves flexibility and makes you better at other sports. We're sure this list could go on!

From time to time our swimmers or their parents ask about specific health issues - please see the info below. We hope it's useful.


There are lots of theories and 'old wives tales around this one. Click here for British Swimming's advice.


Asthma shouldn't stop anyone swimming. Follow your GP's advice and click here for British Swimming's view

Mental health

Swimming can boost your Mental Health! Click here for Anxiety UK's views.


This is a daunting stage of life for our female swimmers, but it shouldn't stop anyone swimming. Becky Adlington talks about her experiences in this video - but there is lots of other advice out there, so talk to someone you trust.

(Boys - just because you don't have periods, doesn't mean you shouldn't watch the video - a little understanding of what the girls have to think about will serve you well!)