Covid-19 Updates


We are now back to swimming normally, in line with Swim England & Govt guidance.

Covid-19 Update: 1/7/21

We are now getting ready to re-open in September 2021, following all appropriate guidance. More information to follow.

Covid-19 Update: 7/6/2020

We continue to take advice from Swim England: - until further notice there is no activity planned.

Covid-19 Update: 18/3/2020 - 6.15pm

All swimming at KLSC is now postponed until further notice.

We ended our session on Tuesday 17th March straight after 'Learn To Swim', when Swim England stated the following:

Having further reviewed the guidance, it is Swim England’s interpretation that club activity falls into the ‘public gathering’ category and therefore it is strongly advising clubs to consider cancelling or postponing activity – including events – until the end of May.

Swim schools should also make an informed decision on future lessons based on the current information from the Government.

Today (18/3/20), we reflected on this decision to see if there was either an alternative interpretation of the statement, or extra measures we could take, that would allow us to keep swimming. However the decision was taken out of our hands by York House School, who were advised to close their facilities to external groups.

We cannot wait to come back to you with more positive news. In the meantime, stay safe.

The KLSC Committee