Our kit is provided by Beats School Uniforms (BSU), who are based in Watford. Click here to purchase online. (You will be redirected to the BSU website.)

Gala Hat

Swimming Hat

Required kit for all swimmers

'Teabag' Mesh T-shirts

Highly recommended: for wearing on poolside - lightweight, quick drying material


OPTIONAL: Everyone loves a hoodie! These are fantastic for creating a team identity, especially at galas.

Drawstring Bag

OPTIONAL: A poolside classic!

Gala Squad Hat

These will be provided (once!) to swimmers when selected for an external gala. Only order this if you need to replace one that you had already been given.

Polo Shirt

OPTIONAL: smart looking polo with KLSC badge


OPTIONAL: no more changing room mix-ups with your own personalised KLSC towel!

Sports Holdall

OPTIONAL: Waterproof, branded sports holdall